Jim Dey

Ex-cop’s murder conviction gets new scrutiny

Convicted murderer Drew Peterson is a villain straight out of central casting — an allegedly crooked suburban cop who bumped off spouses who drew his ire.

Nine years ago, the 62-year-old Peterson made big news amid allegations that he had killed two of his wives. The story even prompted a made-for-TV movie starring Rob Lowe as the barbarous babe-hound himself.

Court orders release in drug-trafficking case

CHICAGO — A federal appeals court in Chicago last Thursday ordered the formal release of convicted Paxton drug dealer Eddi “Migo” Ramirez and barred prosecutors from trying to retry him.

Ramirez’s court-appointed trial lawyer, Diana Lenik of Urbana, said the appeals court ordered that Ramirez be released immediately from the Peoria County jail.

Jim Dey: Paxton man hits a legal jackpot

Eddi “Migo” Ramirez took it like a man. Unlike nine of his co-defendants, he didn’t roll over and plead guilty. He didn’t try to cut a deal with the feds by offering to cooperate in the investigation of the big-time, Paxton-based drug ring he oversaw.

All Ramirez did was — repeatedly — demand a speedy trial on the drug charges against him and hope that he got lucky.

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