Kids Fashion by the Halls

Kids Fashion by the Halls

Kid's Fashion by the Halls brings hundreds of top-quality, name-brand closeout and liquidated merchandise. Shop online for kids clothing from a locally owned and operated business. Their fashion products range from newborns to size 20 for boys and girls. Kid's Fashion by the Halls brings the latest in fashion and name brands you know and love. They offer casual and formal attire, sportswear and outerwear. They carry seasonal clothing at steep discounts compared to big box store prices, and, best of all, you can shop from your computer!


Logo for Kids Fashion by the Halls
PO Box 400
Tolono, IL 61880
1-818-657-5996 Kids Fashion by the Halls

Kids Fashion by the Halls is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Shop online today!

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Kids Fashion by the Halls — Tolono

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