Paxton may lower price markup on fuel sold at airport

PAXTON — In the hopes of drawing more pilots to the city-owned airport — and keeping local ones from filling up their planes with less expensive gas elsewhere — the city council is considering lowering the city’s price markup for aviation and auto fuel pumped at the facility west of town.

Judge grants motion to allow Suburban Express cases to be refiled

PAXTON — Suburban Express Inc., a Champaign charter bus service whose legal tactics have created an Internet uproar among University of Illinois students, will get another day in court — but probably not Ford County Circuit Court.

Flying car to hit the skies at Wisconsin airshow

OSH KOSH, Wis. — The Terrafugia Transition — a prototype of a flying car created by Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School graduate Sam Schweighart — will make its first airshow appearance at the Expiremental Aircraft Association’s AirVenture event at Wittman Regional Airport in Osh Kosh, Wis., from July 29 to Aug. 4. 

Suburban Express wants to refile some of its cases

PAXTON — A Champaign charter bus service that filed 126 small-claims cases in Ford County — only later to drop most of them amid a backlash from University of Illinois students named as defendants — is now asking the court to allow some of the cases to be reinstated.

But the president of the company said the cases will not be refiled in Ford County Circuit Court.

Travelers warned to avoid bedbugs this summer

Paxton Pest Solutions

Peanuts. The tiniest bag of delicious honey-roasted peanuts that you have ever seen. You happily munch them as the flight attendant brings you a glass of soda. You tilt your seat back a full 1.5 inches for maximum relaxation, and begin to peruse the latest issue of skymall.

Skydiving likely to make return to Paxton's airport

PAXTON — It looks as though skydiving will make its return to Paxton’s airport.

The city council voted 5-3 Monday night to rescind the ordinance that prohibits skydiving at the city-owned facility on Paxton’s west edge. That paves the way for skydiving operator Jef LeRette to move his skydiving school from Flatville to Paxton.

After backlash, bus firm pledges to dismiss all suits

PAXTON — In response to a backlash from University of Illinois students, a Champaign charter bus service has pledged to dismiss all 124 small-claims cases it has filed in Ford County Circuit Court for alleged violations of the company’s “terms and conditions” — many of which were against UI students.

Bus company suing UI students for violating 'terms and conditions'

PAXTON — A Champaign bus company contends that Ford County is the proper venue for the 104 small-claims cases it has filed since November — the majority against University of Illinois students — for violations of the company’s “terms and conditions.”

U.S. 45 to be resurfaced between Rantoul, Ford County line

LUDLOW — A section of U.S. 45, spanning from the Ford County line to Rantoul, will be resurfaced as part of the Illinois Department of Transportation’s six-year transportation construction program.

10-inch snowfall keeps workers busy into night

PAXTON — Ten inches of snow fell over the Paxton area Sunday, keeping public works crews busy into Monday clearing city streets and rural roads.

Police were also kept busy responding to stranded motorists on rural roads in Ford County, according to Sheriff Mark Doran.

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