A crow's last moments

At first, the black-feathered bird seemed to be waiting patiently by the curb for a passing car. But an observant driver quickly noticed something was awry.

Derrick Babbs: The battle for the Ford County seat

For the Ford County Record

Derrick Babbs: Early corruption in Ford County

For the Ford County Record

In today’s society, political corruption is sadly a common place. As you look back in our history, you see that mortal man, tempted in the earlier days of higher moral standards, also failed in their elected office and the people of their community more than a hundred years ago. 

While wallets are being opened for Bear, many people in our community struggle

Ford County Record columnist

I am an animal lover. I gravitate toward all creatures and usually turn into one of those ridiculous adults who talks to animals in a high baby voice.

Take it from 'The Rock': Success takes time

Owner of Nordic Total Fitness

As usual, something came along that inspired me to write something for this week’s column. Usually, it’s one of the gym members at Nordic Total Fitness who has done something incredible, but this time it was a quote from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 

Ex-cop’s murder conviction gets new scrutiny

Convicted murderer Drew Peterson is a villain straight out of central casting — an allegedly crooked suburban cop who bumped off spouses who drew his ire.

Nine years ago, the 62-year-old Peterson made big news amid allegations that he had killed two of his wives. The story even prompted a made-for-TV movie starring Rob Lowe as the barbarous babe-hound himself.

Dan Corkery: Indiana’s drainage ditch and Illinois’ river

There’s no lack of conflict between Illinois and Indiana, whether it’s over businesses and jobs or Big Ten sports.

People in Kankakee County have added water, silt and sand to that list.

Matt Neaville's still got game — 15 years after hooping it up with Paxton Record editor

SAVOY — Matt Neaville, ironically, is the old man on the block today on the newly formed Champaign Swarm professional basketball team.

Ironic, given that when I used to hoop with Matt, he was always the youngest person on the court.

King Brumblecue thinks it has shot at winning BBQ cookoff

As I was covering last year’s Swine ‘N’ Dine BBQ Cookoff in Paxton, I couldn’t help but be jealous of all the grilling action in front of me.

You see, I love food, but I love grilled food even more. So as I took photos and interviewed the contestants on Market Street that late September day, my attention kept turning from the contestants to their barbecued pork ribs.

Playing in the Dirt with Mary D.: Perennial Flowers: The Ones You Want to Keep Coming Back

UI Extension Master Gardener

In my last two columns, I talks about trees with pizzazz and easy-care shrubs. Trees and shrubs make up the framework of our gardens, but it’s the flowers that fill it out and lift our spirits.

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