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Remembering Ford County's native son, Les Arends

For the Ford County Record

Leslie Cornelius Arends was born Sept. 27, 1895, in Melvin, where he, his four brothers and two sisters grew up on his father’s farm. After graduating from Melvin High School in 1912, he attended Oberlin College in Ohio for two years. 

Derrick Babbs: Remembering the rich history of Roberts

For the Ford County Record

Early pioneer Samuel Lyman was the first white settler of Lyman Township in Ford County. He was born in Massachusetts on July 16, 1811, and came to the area with his wife and four sons. In July 1856, he built the first permanent house on the northeast corner of the township.

Derrick Babbs: A look at some of Ford County’s earliest crimes

For the Ford County Record

A look at notable early crimes in Ford County, from 1872 to 1928:

Sept. 29, 1872 — The first recorded inmate was placed in the Ford County jail. His name was Edward Cavangh. He was 25 years old and from St. Louis. He was arrested for drawing his revolver.

Derrick Babbs: The sheriffs of Ford County

For the Ford County Record

Be like Mike: Find your motivation!

Owner of Nordic Total Fitness

Will Brumleve, editor of the Paxton Record, recently asked if I would like to write a weekly column about health, fitness, nutrition, etc. He said it might be a good way to motivate people to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Jimm Wood: China, Starbucks and the Kingdom of God

Jim Wood, pastor at the Vineyard Church in Paxton, recently returned from a 10-day missions trip to China and has written the following article about his experiences there. Wood will also be sharing stories, photos and answering questions about his trip at 12:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 12, at the Vineyard Church. The event is free and open to anyone who is interested.

John Mayer fan still walking on "cloud nine" after meeting musician

For the Paxton Record

This is a short story with a long history. It’s 2001, and a pretty big year in my life. I’m a freshman in high school, deciding who I am and why I’m not comfortable in 15-year-old skin. My grandmother, the “rock” of the family, had just died. I really turned to music for the first time in my life. John Mayer became my muse.

Copas: Public health department must serve us, not them

By ROD COPAS / Iroquois County Board chairman

As sitting Iroquois County Board chairman, I want to take this opportunity to address the issues surrounding the Iroquois County position in regard to public health.

A local Republican's perspective on the 'great debate'

For the Paxton Record

Most of us watched the recent debate between President Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney.  Wow! What an unexpected outcome. It seemed as though the president was as shocked and paralyzed as a deer caught in headlights. 

Eating to exercise: How food consumption affects workouts

How do you fuel your body for your exercise?

Usually, no one thinks about eating before, during or after exercising. Maybe it’s because we exercise to burn calories so why add more calories to what you are trying to burn off.

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