PAXTON — Marvel the cat is doing, well, just marvelous.

Two months after being found by a citizen along a road with its hair singed and its face swollen, the badly burned cat has completed its medical care at the Paxton Veterinary Clinic — and it has a new place to call home, too.

The young male cat was adopted about three weeks ago by a woman who wishes to remain anonymous, veterinary clinic employee June Bane said.

“He has his forever home, and he’s very happy,” Bane said.

Marvel — a name given to the cat after it was brought into the clinic south of Paxton on March 19 — is now spending its days playing with its new toys and the dog and other cats it lives with.

“When (the cat’s new owner) first took him home, he had no idea how to play and he didn’t have a clue what a toy was. He just sat there,” Bane said. “But now, she said he bats the toys around the house and he’ll play with the other animals.

“He’s got plenty of toys, and he gets along with the dog and the other cats in the house. And the dog is 75, 80 pounds, and he likes him.

“And he curls up with his owner and sleeps with her a lot.”

Over several weeks this spring, Marvel received medical care at the veterinary clinic that included receiving medicated baths and having its dead skin removed, as well as having the top parts of its ears and about two inches of its tail removed because of how severely burned those areas were.

“We had to debride him quite often,” Bane said. “He had quite a bit done to him, and for what he had done to him, he’s got a really good personality.”

Most of Marvel’s hair has now grown back. Bane was hopeful the rest will, too, although it remains to be seen.

“He has not gotten all of his hair back, but his big wounds have pretty much healed up,” Bane said.

At this point, Marvel’s medical treatment is complete, Bane said.

“But we’re going to keep tabs on his blood work,” Bane said. “Some of his levels aren’t quite where they should be, but he’s getting quite a bit better.”

When Marvel was brought into the veterinary clinic, the cat appeared to have been burned, and its face was swollen to the point where “ you can barely see his eyes,” Bane said. The cat’s body temperature was low, too — at 96.4 degrees, compared with a normal temperature of 101 or 102, Bane said.

“He was shaking really bad,” Bane said at the time, “but that was a good sign because that means he could still feel something.”

Bane said she still does not know how the cat received its injuries — “and probably never will.”

“I’m hoping it was an accident,” Bane said. “I’m hoping somebody didn’t do this to him.”

Marvel has received an outpouring of support, including donations toward its medical care, as well as donations of food and even blankets.

“The donations were overwhelming, and I’m so grateful to the people who cared about him,” Bane said. “Thank you to everybody who helped him.”

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