Insurance Providers Group's office in Roberts to close

ROBERTS — The Roberts Village Board, with all trustees present except Kathy Schurr, learned that Insurance Providers Group would be closing its office on Green Street in Roberts on June 1.

Also during the meeting:

➜ The board agreed to seek cost estimates for the replacement of light fixtures at the Village Hall with LED fixtures.

➜ The board learned that Alliance Grain is building a new grain bin and will be adding some inlets to increase the drainage efficiency. Meanwhile, Village Board President Rick Flessner said he gave Alliance Grain authorization to add a culvert to Weldon Street.

➜ The board learned that the village’s insurance rates through the Illinois Municipal League Risk Management Association will remain unchanged this year.

➜ The board learned that property taxes will remain unchanged this year in Roberts.

➜ The board learned that a dance at the pavilion in the village park and a car cruise would be held July 14.

➜ The board set the village’s cleanup day for June 2, starting at 8 a.m.

➜ The board learned that ordinance enforcement officer Stan Daro met with the village’s attorney regarding the feed mill in advance of a May 9 court hearing.

➜ The board tabled action recommended by the library committee.

➜ The board learned that the village’s new mower had arrived from Double Y Sales and was already in use.

➜ Water department employee Paul Theesfield said 759,800 gallons of water were pumped in the village in the previous month.

➜ The board learned that the water committee met May 2 and suggested the board approve the rerouting of water service at the David and Mary Ager residence. The board made plans to contact Haley Brothers again, as well as contractor Jim Balk. The committee also suggested the board seek bids for the painting of the water tower and table improvements planned for Maple, Green and Weldon streets until the village’s finances improve.


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