Land in former mayor's estate to be donated to city

PAXTON — Paxton resident Tony Lee told the Paxton City Council during its July 10 meeting that he would like to donate to the city a lot owned by the estate of his late father, former mayor L. John Lee.

The lot is located off of Shal-Lee Court, an area developed for residential use by Mr. Lee and another man “many years ago,” Tony Lee said.

“It’s kind of the odd lot out,” Tony Lee said. “It just didn’t fit, and they never improved it or put any property on there.”

The lot abuts the girls’ softball field at Nelson Field, and Mr. Lee installed some bleachers on it so it could be used by spectators at ball games.

Tony Lee said he has had “no luck selling the property,” which is maintained by the local park district during the softball season and by Tony Lee the rest of the year.

As a result, Tony Lee said he would like to donate it to the city.

“I’d just kind of like to get the ball rolling on this,” he said.

Tony Lee said he would like to possibly put a boulder in memory of his father on the lot at some point.

Earlier in the night, Tony Lee attended a meeting of the park district’s board of commissioners with the plan of donating the parcel of land to the park district.  However, after he was told that the city of Paxton, not the park district, owns the ball fields, Lee ended up pitching the idea to the Paxton City Council.


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