Wading pool at Coady Park re-opened following repairs

PAXTON — Paxton Park District officials decided during the first week of July to temporarily close the wading pool at Coady Park.

According to Recreation Director Neal McKenry, the wading pool was leaking under its liner, and it became “pretty unsteady to walk on.”

The Illinois Department of Public Health made its annual surprise inspection visit later in the week and reinforced that the wading pool needed to be closed until the park district could correct the problem.

The problem has been fixed “for now,” McKenry said on July 10, and the wading pool has been re-opened.

The park district pulled out the liner, powerwashed the pool and removed old paint that was under the liner, McKenry said.

The bottom is painted aluminum, which is “what it would have been from the time the pool opened in the 1960s until a liner was installed in the late 1990s,” McKenry said.

“I am calling it the retro look. Unless something comes up that needs addressing, we will leave it like it is for the remainder of the season,” McKenry said. “We’ll have several options over the fall and winter and we’ll decide what we want to do to it for the 2019 season.”

Property donation pitched
Paxton resident Tony Lee attended the July 10 meeting of the park district’s board of commissioners with a plan to donate to the district a piece of property adjacent to the south end of Nelson Field’s small-ball diamond, where the district hosts its T-ball and farm league baseball games.

Under a previous agreement, the district has maintained the property during the baseball season and left it to Lee to maintain during the other months.

The city of Paxton owns the ball fields, but the park district uses the ball fields for its games in agreement with the city.

After being told the park district did not own that land, Lee went to the Paxton City Council meeting that same night to see if the city would be interested in taking over his property and “putting some good use to it,” as Paxton Park District Board President Steve Sample put it.

“It’ll be nice,” Sample said.


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