Buckley trustees vote to hire temporary maintenance worker

BUCKLEY — Buckley Village Board members voted Monday night to allow village maintenance worker Donnie Miller to hire someone to help him do some work in town at a rate of $10 per hour for 20 hours per week for two weeks.

Miller had been off of work due to health reasons and is in need of help to get some things done.

During Monday’s meeting, Miller thanked those who visited him while hospitalized and at home and also gave a special “thank you” to those who pitched in and did his work for him, including Craig Teske, Ross Cluver, Scott and Peggy Shockley, Mike Coleman, Les Dippel and Keith Hartke..

Other business
In other business:

➜ Trustees voted unanimously to seek bids from contractors for the removal of six trees that are in poor shape.

➜ Engineer Larry Johnson of Fehr Graham said a public meeting would be next on the agenda for the proposed construction of a sewage-treatment plant serving the village.

➜ Board President Sheree Stachura said Village Attorney George Cuonzo was finalizing proposed changes to the town’s liquor ordinance.

➜ Board members voted unanimously to postpone the painting of the cone of the water tower and possibly instead have the work done by some village residents who have expressed interest in doing it. The entire water tower needs to be repainted, and the board is looking into financing for the project but has decided to hold off on that work until 2019. Meanwhile, the cone part is in need of repainting immediately to help preserve it. Officials said it should not cause a problem if the cone is repainted now and needs to be repainted again when the whole tower is repainted.

➜ The board voted to explore having a fall festival in Buckley, with Shane Stachura serving as the chairman of the  organizing committee. Village residents interested in helping with the proposed festival should contact a board member or Shane Stachura.

➜ Trustee Peggy Shockley asked if it had been determined yet if the lakehouse at the Buckley Lake could be kept open for rentals in the winter. Miller said he would see what needed to be done to do that. Shockley also brought up the idea of painting the outside of the building, which had been previously discussed. It was also brought up that there is a vent in the end of the building that is no longer used. The board authorized Miller to spend no more that $200 to remove the vent and fill it in with the necessary materials. Scott Shockley said he would donate the wood for the project.

➜ Miller said the Teske family had asked him if they could block off the street in front of their parents’ house on the day of their estate auction to allow for racks of to-be-auctioned items to be put on the street. The board indicated that this should not be a problem.

➜ The board learned that the next paint party will be at 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 20, at the lakehouse at the Buckley Lake. Reservations are required, as space is limited. Reservations can be made by contacting Sheree Stachura. The cost to participate is $12.

➜ Delinquent water bills were discussed. Treasurer Julie Schuldt said several outstanding bills had been paid, with some still outstanding. The board agreed that shutoff notices would be posted Friday, Aug. 10, at the homes with unpaid bills.

➜ The board decided to explore the possibility of spraying for mosquitoes in Buckley, as there have been reports of West Nile virus activity in nearby counties.

➜ The public was reminded that September’s meeting will be at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 4 — rather than Monday, Sept. 3 — due to the Labor Day holiday.

➜ The board discussed the progress of opening a grocery store in Buckley. The board has already issued a liquor license to the store’s owner, Rajir Ghotra, who also owns the Gas Mart in Loda. Ghotra intends to use the liquor license to install video-gambling machines in the store.  However, Ghotra has never attended a village board meeting to discuss his plans, instead having a representative attend on his behalf. Trustees said they feel he needs to come talk to them himself.


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