Some areas of Ford County saw larger voter turnouts on Nov. 6

PAXTON — While the voter turnout in the Nov. 6 general election was 57.5 percent in Ford County, it was much higher in certain areas of the county.

According to official results certified by County Clerk & Recorder Amy Frederick and released to the public last week, the voter turnout was 76.6 percent in Wall Township, an area with no towns but apparently quite a few dedicated voters. Of the 141 registered voters in the precinct for Wall Township voters, 108 cast a ballot.

Also with voter turnouts exceeding the county’s overall average were:

— Pella Township north of Piper City with 70.23 percent (92 of 131).

— Sullivant Township in the Sibley area with 67.8 percent (219 of 323).

— Peach Orchard Township in the Melvin area with 64.02 percent (210 of 328).

— The Patton 5 precinct in the Paxton area with 60.93 percent (287 of 471).

— Rogers Township in far-northern Ford County with 60.21 percent (171 of 284).

— The Patton 7 percent in the Paxton area with 59.32 percent (455 of 767).

— Dix Township in the Elliott area with 59.13 percent (259 of 438).

— The Drummer 1 precinct in the Gibson City area with 58.97 percent (286 of 485).

— The Patton 2 precinct in the Paxton area with 58.71 percent (236 of 402).

— Mona Township in the Kempton area with 58.06 percent (108 of 186).

— Lyman Township in the Roberts area with 57.66 percent (192 of 333).

With lower turnouts than the countywide average were:

— Button Township east of Paxton (56.38 percent, 106 of 188).

— The Drummer 4 precinct in the Gibson City area (56.24 percent, 410 of 729).

— The Drummer 3 precinct in the Gibson City area (56.13 percent, 293 of 522).

— The Patton 3 precinct in the Paxton area (55.41 percent, 82 of 148).

— The Drummer 5 precinct in the Gibson City area (55.38 percent, 314 of 567).

— The Drummer 2 precinct in the Gibson City area (54.98 percent, 221 of 402).

— Brenton Township in the Piper City area (53.67 percent, 285 of 531).

— The Patton 1 precinct in the Paxton area (53.22 percent, 215 of 404).

— The Patton 6 precinct in the Paxton area (51.4 percent, 276 of 537).

— The Patton 4 precinct in the Paxton area (48.56 percent, 236 of 486).

Countywide, 5,061 ballots were cast from among the county’s 8,803 registered voters.

Governor’s race
The official results also showed that some precincts supported Republican Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner’s campaign for re-election more than others.

Not one of the county’s 22 precincts sided with Rauner’s opponent — Democrat J.B. Pritzker. However, one precinct — Rogers Township in the Kempton/Cabery area — almost did.

Of the 169 votes cast by Rogers Township voters for governor, 87 — or 51.48 percent — supported Rauner, with 61 going to Pritzker, seven to the Libertarian party’s Grayson Kash Jackson and 13 to the Conservative party’s William “Sam” McCann.

Of the 22 precincts in the county, 10 saw fewer than 70 percent of their voters supporting Rauner. Besides Rogers, those precincts were: Drummer 4 (69.8), Patton 2 (69.79), Brenton (69.4), Mona (68.22), Drummer 2 (67.43), Patton 4 (65.22), Patton 5 (65.14), Patton 6 (60.82) and Patton 1 (59.24).

The other 12 all saw greater than 70 percent of voters supporting Rauner: Pella (83.52), Patton 3 (81.25), Button (78.85), Wall (78.3), Peach Orchard (76.81), Drummer 5 (74.43), Dix (74.22), Patton 7 (74), Drummer 3 (72.95), Lyman (72.87), Drummer 1 (72.66) and Sullivant (70.97).

Countywide, there were six write-in votes for governor.

Advisory sales tax question
The official results also showed Ford County voters overwhelmingly rejecting a question on the ballot asking them if they would support a 0.25 percent sales tax increase to support public safety.

Of the 4,948 votes cast, 2,980 — or 60.23 percent — were “no” votes. That compared with 1,968  “yes” votes (39.77 percent).

In only one precinct were there more “yes” votes than “no” votes: Drummer 1. Of the 270 votes cast, 50.37 percent — 136 — were in favor of the advisory referendum.

Only three other precincts saw more than 45 percent support for the question: Rogers (49.1), Drummer 4 (46.04) and Drummer 3 (45.52).

The precinct with the least amount of support for the proposed sales tax hike was Button, which saw 27.62 percent of its voters — 29 — cast a “yes” vote compared with 72.38 percent — 76 — casting a “no” vote.

Other results
The official results also showed:

— There was overwhelming support for Republican Erika Harold in her unsuccessful bid to win the Illinois attorney general’s race, as all but one precinct saw at least 73.5 percent of their voters side with Harold. Overall, Harold received 79.45 percent of the votes in Ford County. One precinct — Rogers — saw only 64.91 percent of their voters supporting the Republican candidate, however, as they gave her Democratic opponent, Kwame Raoul, 29.82 percent of the vote and Libertarian candidate Bubba Harsy 5.26 percent.

— The margin was smaller in supporting the Republican candidate in the Illinois secretary of state’s race. One precinct — Rogers — actually sided with Democrat Jesse White, giving him 52.05 percent of the vote. In Rogers, Republican candidate Jason Helland received just 41.52 percent of the vote, while Libertarian candidate Steve Dutner received 6.43 percent. With the exception of the Rogers precinct, Helland received no fewer than 52.8 percent of the vote in any one precinct (Patton 5) and as much as 71.43 percent in another (Pella). Overall, Helland got 57.71 percent of the county’s vote.

— In the race for state comptroller, Republican Darlene Senger received 70.78 percent of the overall vote in Ford County, compared with 26.11 percent for Democrat Susana Mendoza and 3.12 percent for Libertarian Claire Ball. The least amount of support for Senger was in Rogers, which gave her 55.88 percent of the vote compared with 37 percent for Mendoza.

— In the race for state treasurer, Republican Jim Dodge received 62.9 percent support compared with 34.4 percent for Democrat Michael Frerichs and 2.68 percent for Libertarian Michael Leheney. The least amount of support for Dodge came from voters in Patton 6 (51.67), Rogers (52.35), Patton 1 (55.4 percent), Patton 5 (55.63), Patton 7 (59.33) and Wall (59.41).

— The county gave overwhelming support for Republicans John Shimkus and Adam Kinzinger for re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives. Shimkus received 78.32 percent of the vote compared with 21.68 percent for his Democratic opponent, Kevin Gaither. Shimkus received the most support (90.48 percent) in Brenton and the least (71.32 percent) in Patton 6. Kinzinger received 79.24 percent of the vote compared with 20.76 percent for Democratic opponent Sara Dady. Kinzinger’s most supportive precinct was Peach Orchard (85.44 percent), and his least supportive was Dix (25 percent).

— Cindy Ihrke of rural Roberts and Ann Ihrke of rural Buckley won seats on the county board representing District 2 by claiming 33.14 and 30.44 percent of the vote in District 2’s nine precincts, respectively. The two Republican women were opposed by Democrats Marcia Peznowski of Roberts (18.44 percent) and Lori Reinert of Piper City (17.99 percent). The most support for the Ihrkes came in Peach Orchard Township, where Cindy Ihrke received 41.29 percent and Ann Ihrke 37.8 percent.


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