IEPA fines Ludlow resident for alleged open dumping of wastes

SPRINGFIELD — The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has issued an administrative citation for $1,500 to the Brian Gerdes estate and executor Dana Marshall of Ludlow for alleged violations of the Illinois Environmental Protection Act.

The citation was for allegedly open dumping of wastes. Used tires had also allegedly been dumped.

In a statement, IEPA said open dumping of waste is “illegal and negatively affects the health and well-being of neighbors and the environment. Further, the dumping of used or waste tires is illegal. Mismanaged tires will accumulate water and serves as a prime breeding habitat for disease-carrying mosquitoes, including the Northern House Mosquito, which is a primary carrier of the West Nile Virus.

“The larvae of other mosquito species that are carriers of encephalitis (Lacrosse, St. Louis, etc.) and possibly Zika Virus have been found in items such as used or waste tires.”

Administrative citations for open dumping of waste carry a fine of $1,500 for the first occurrence and double that amount for repeated violations. People receiving an administrative citation can appeal the citation to the Illinois Pollution Control Board within 35 days of its issuance.

Residents who observe open dumping or open burning can report it to local law enforcement, their local public health department, or the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

More information regarding open dumping, open burning and management of used tires is available on the Illinois EPA’s website at


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