Ford County deputies issue 52 tickets — 40 for speeding — in December

PAXTON — The Ford County Sheriff’s Office issued 52 traffic citations in December, including 40 for speeding.

There were also two tickets issued for driving on a suspended driver’s license. One ticket each was issued for possession of drug equipment, an obstructed driver’s view, illegal use of registration, failure to notify the secretary of state of an address change, failure to yield, following too closely, failure to use headlights, a defective windshield, expired registration and permitting an unauthorized person to drive.

Also, sheriff’s deputies responded to six traffic accidents and wrote 39 warning citations and one civil citation.

Sheriff’s deputies completed 49 sex offender address verifications. They also assisted other agencies 20 times and assisted motorists nine times. They also responded to non-criminal/civil complaints 12 times.

Other complaints were related to: domestic trouble (9), suspicious vehicles (5), theft (3), suspicious persons (3), suspicious activity (2), violations of court orders (2), harassment (2), animal complaints (2), security alarms (2), abuse (2), property repossession (2), fraud (1), parking complaints (1), hazard complaints (1) and fights in progress (1).

Sheriff’s deputies also conducted four welfare checks, seven property standbys, two followup investigations and one death investigation.

Forty-three court summons were served in 63 attempts. Also, 18 warrants were served.

Income for the sheriff’s office in December totaled $37,991, bringing the total for the 2019 fiscal year to $37,991. December’s income came from contracts ($32,506), sheriff sales ($2,400), the civil process ($875), work release ($524), the seized/forfeiture fund ($510), miscellaneous reimbursements ($339), the arrestee medical fund ($316), the dedicated vehicle fund ($248), bond fees ($240), requests for reports ($25) and the DUI fund ($8).

Ford County inmates’ mandays totaled 399.

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