Gibson City man to family member: 'I will blow you up at your school'

GIBSON CITY — A Gibson City man being held at the Ford County Jail allegedly said he would “blow up” Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley High School before he was arrested shortly after midnight Monday.

Ford County State’s Attorney Andrew Killian released to the Ford County Record on Monday night a verified statement of arrest from Gibson City Police Sgt. Kaleb Kraft detailing the alleged comments made Sunday night by 43-year-old Adit P. Bhiday.

“I will blow you up at your school,” the resident of 812 N. Bell St. allegedly told a juvenile family member who attends GCMS High School.

The alleged threat was reported to Gibson City police around 10:25 p.m. Sunday by three girls accompanied by their mother. One of the juveniles was the alleged victim of the threat — identified in the court document as “Jane Doe” — and told police she was visiting a family member, Rebecca Zook, at the home Zook shares with Bhiday when he apparently became upset with her because she stands up for Zook.

The girl said that when she arrived at the residence around 10 p.m. with her two sisters and another juvenile friend, Bhiday said he was going to bed early and then went into his bedroom.  He later re-entered the living room area and became upset, saying the juvenile family member was being disrespectful and then allegedly making the bomb threat.

Three days earlier, the girl said, Bhiday told her she was on his “hit list.”

Her two sisters told police they heard him tell her “I will blow you up at your school,” and police confirmed that their friend who was present also mentioned the bomb threat to her father after arriving home.

When police arrived at his home, Bhiday said he did not remember threatening anyone and said, “They are just kids.”

Zook told police she heard the argument taking place while she was having a conversation with another juvenile, but she could not hear specifically what was being said. Kraft said that Zook told a Ford County sheriff’s deputy that she heard someone ask Bhiday to clarify “if he was going to blow her up and the school.”

Bhiday was arrested at his home around 12:59 a.m. Monday on a preliminary Class 4 felony charge of disorderly conduct for making a threat against a person and school.

Killian said he expects to make a decision on what, if any, charges to file later this week after receiving a police report.

“At this time, no formal charges have been filed, and all individuals are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law,” Killian said in an emailed statement.

Bhiday remained at the Ford County Jail in Paxton on Monday with bond set at $6,000. Conditions of his bond include staying at least 300 feet from GCMS school buildings and the residence of the juvenile family member; having no contact with the juvenile; and undergoing mental health evaluations.

A preliminary hearing was set for 9 a.m. March 1 in Judge Matt Fitton’s courtroom.

Gibson City Police Chief Adam Rosendahl said that after the threat was reported, Gibson City police contacted Jeremy Darnell, superintendent of the GCMS school district, who joined Gibson City officers and Ford County sheriff’s deputies in conducting a precautionary “security check” of all three GCMS schools, Rosendahl said.

“It was a threat to a student who is one of our students, and because it was to one of our students, we wanted to be overly cautious and make sure there was not anything dangerous to the kids,” Darnell said.

After nothing suspicious was found, Darnell made the decision to have school as scheduled on Monday.
Darnell said he put out an “all-call” to GCMS students’ parents at 7 a.m. as a “proactive” measure to  make sure they were aware of what had happened.


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