Crusaders fall to Cornerstone Christian in scholastic bowl meet

BUCKLEY — Christ Lutheran High School in Buckley competed against Cornerstone Christian Academy of Bloomington in a scholastic bowl rematch of an earlier contest held at Cornerstone Christian Academy. 

The host CLHS Crusaders had a slow start and dropped a junior varsity-level match by six questions. However, the varsity-level match was quite competitive. 

The first half was back-and-forth featuring ties twice. After being deadlocked at 60 points at the half, Cornestone Christian pulled out to a small lead only to have CLHS catch up with one question to go and with Buckley in control of the final bonus question. 

CLHS, however, could not capitalize on the opportunity. CLHS ended up scoring 100 points to Cornerstone Christian’s 120. 

The lead scorers for the Cougars were Mikayla Hand (4),  Paige Huse (3) and Marshall Horton (2). 

Christ Lutheran’s team will travel to Iroquois West in Gilman on March 4 for its regional contest.

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