Auction set for Nov. 15 for leasing of county-owned farms

PAXTON — A public auction will be held at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 15, at the Ford County Courthouse in Paxton for the leasing of county-owned farmland.

Bids will be accepted for the leasing of three farms owned by Ford County:

— The 103.4-acre Ford County Nursing Home Farm, located in Patton Township.

— The 149.1-acre Bowen/Grider Farm located in Button Township.

— And the 156.7-acre Hatfield/Bowen Farm located in Button Township, which comprises 118.7 acres of row crop plus 38 acres of pasture ground.

The successful bidders must use the land only for agricultural production. The lease term will be two years, with payment due to the county each year on or before March 1.

The successful bidders must sign the lease the day of the auction and pay 25 percent of the rent that day.

Also, successful bidders will be required to present proof of paid insurance coverage, with Ford County as an additional insured, to the Ford County Treasurer’s Office on or before Dec. 1 of each respective year of the lease.

Bidders must register prior to the auction on a sign-up sheet outside the courtroom on the second floor of the courthouse.

The county board’s overview committee will be present to approve the successful bidders.


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