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It’s getting to be that time of year again. Before too long, it will stay warm — well, maybe, because it is Illinois and you can’t count on the weather to do anything normal. 

Anyway, back to my original thought. There will be cookouts, parties, camping trips and more. And with that, people like to kick back and drink a wide variety of beverages. 

One very popular one that many people enjoy, from an early age, is soda. Many people ask me up here at Nordic Total Fitness what they can do to lose weight, and when I ask them if they drink soda, some of them smile, shake their heads and say, “One or two a day,” which, if they were being truthful, is probably more like six or seven. 

It’s a tough habit to kick because they taste so good and give us that sugar rush for a brief moment.

However, something that may help you kick the soda habit is knowing what all the dangers are of drinking this sugar-laced product.

For starters, soda is loaded with sugar. This you probably already know, but how much does it actually contain and what does that do to your body? A 16-ounce bottle of soda has around 44 grams of sugar in it, or 11 teaspoons. Now, if you drink three or four a day, that puts your total up to at least 132 grams, or 33 teaspoons, a day.  Multiply that by seven for the week and you are up to 924 grams or 77 teaspoons. 
Imagine sitting there and just consuming teaspoon after teaspoon of sugar? Sounds healthy, doesn’t it?

Now, you are probably thinking, “Well, I will just switch to a diet soda, because that has to be better for you.” Wrong! What it lacks in sugars it makes up for in artificial sweeteners that have been linked to cancer, weight gain and more. 

So sugar is a major factor in soda, and you probably already knew that. Maybe not to the extent that you just read about, but you knew it contained way too much. But, what other dangers are you putting into your body by consuming soda? 

Sodas contain phosphoric acid that weakens bones and rots teeth. In fact, the acid in soda is rated at 2.5 on the pH scale.  Battery acid? It’s rated at a 1.0.  The caramel color that is added to some sodas is purely cosmetic and doesn’t add any flavor. However, it does add plenty of carcinogens to your body.

High-fructose corn syrup is also added which increases body fat, cholesterol and triglycerides and also makes you feel hungry. 

Scared yet? OK, if you aren’t, here is some friendly information about your sugary friend.  According to, diet soda drinkers have a dramatically higher risk of stroke and heart attack. Aspartame is linked to high blood pressure, dizziness, fatigue and even sleep disorders.  So far, scientists have discovered 92 side effects associated with aspartame. Waistlines of those who consumed diet sodas expanded 70 percent faster than those who didn’t. Drinking just one soda a day can lead to well over 20 pounds of weight gained in a year. The list goes on and on and on.

So, if you want to lose weight, stop drinking soda, even if it’s “diet.” It is addictive, much like cigarettes. It’s almost like they make these things addictive so you have to have more of them just to function, doesn’t it?

It is obviously packed with caffeine. It is reported that 80 percent of the population consumes some form of caffeine a day.

One last thing to leave you with: When our body breaks down aspartame, it converts it into methanol, and our natural body temperature converts methanol into formaldehyde.  Formaldehyde is used to preserve the dead. So I wonder when Coca-Cola changed its slogan from “Open Happiness” to “Taste the Feeling,” what type of feeling were they talking about?

Sam Erwin is owner of Nordic Total Fitness in downtown Paxton. Have a question or topic about health or fitness? Email Erwin at Your topic or questions may be included in next week’s edition of the Fitness Forum.

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