Razing of homes on Rankin board's agenda

RANKIN — Village board members agreed during their monthly meeting last Thursday to obtain cost estimates for tearing down five houses the village acquired through Vermilion County’s delinquent tax auction.

Some need immediate attention.

The board will decide which ones should be torn down first and, after getting prices, how many demolitions can be completed.

Village Board President Aaron Warren said the goal is to get the properties cleaned up and back on the property tax rolls.

Other business
In other business:

➜ A Rankin resident complimented the village’s staff for the good job they did on snow removal. He then asked the board about a drainage problem in town. A house he is fixing up had so much water in the basement that it ruined the furnace, plus other things. The resident said he had walked a field and noticed there are areas where the tile is bad and the water just does not seem to be going away. He asked whose responsibility it was to repair. Warren said he understands there are drainage issues in town, noting that he himself has problems. The resident said he was not asking the village for help on anything, but only wondered what could be done to solve the problem. The resident wondered if possibly cleaning the ditch would help. The village will look into the issue.

➜ Resident Gary Polchow asked board members to read a paper he provided regarding “a bad railroad deed.” Polchow also told board members that “you can thank your mayor for this; he put you behind the 8-ball for a long time with a lot of problems that you guys are facing that you are not aware.” Also, Polchow said regarding a property at 101 Gove Street: “Stop cutting the grass; you have been wasting a lot of public works and you have no business down there.” Polchow said there is a $3,000 lien on that property and he did not know if the property had been donated to the village or what, but nothing can be transferred until that is straightened out.

➜ The board voted 5-1 to have Russ Leigh & Associates of Hoopeston complete the village’s audit for a $3,200 fee.

➜ The board made plans to approve the village’s annual appropriation ordinance in May.


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