PBL's Cassidi Nuckols to play basketball for Parkland College

PAXTON -- Cassidi Nuckols, a Paxton-Buckley-Loda senior, signed her letter of intent Monday to play for Parkland College's women's basketball program.
"I'm excited (to play) basketball in college," Nuckols said. "I'm really excited to meet the girls and play basketball."
When PBL hosted senior-night festivities for the girls basketball senior players last winter, it was noted in the senior-night program that Nuckols' future plans were to attend a four-year college and play softball or basketball. 
"I lean more toward basketball. I love basketball," Nuckols said. "I love the energy and the environment I was around every single day I was in that season. In softball, I feel the same way, but there are just little bits of softball that I don't feel the same as basketball, but I do love them, still."
Although she had interest from several other schools, Nuckols said she chose Parkland because the Champaign-based school was close to home.
"My family can come and watch me play," Nuckols said.
Nuckols said she is unsure about what career direction she wants to take.
"It's a good community college for me to go to because I'm sure of what career I want to go into. It's just a good start for me," Nuckols said. "I think it's just better for me to start there and just excel from where I go there. I have options (for a major) in my head, but I'm uncertain right now."
Although she is graduating fro PBL, Nuckols said she wants to stay involved with the school and is going to try to talk to coaches and teachers about becoming an aide with matters such as summer camps for volleyball, softball and basketball. 
"I don't want to leave yet. I'm not ready to say goodbye to PBL yet because I love it so much," Nuckols said.


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