PBL, GCMS boys track and field athletes qualify for 2018 IHSA Class 1A state meet

GIBSON CITY -- Jonathan Muller is making the most of his senior season as a member of Paxton-Buckley-Loda's boys track and field team.
Muller placed first in the 100-meter dash with a time of 11.14 seconds. His 4x100 relay team placed first with a time of 44.43 seconds as well while his 4x200 relay team finished second with a time of 1:32.44.
Muller also placed second in the long jump with a leap of 21-11 1/2. He was one of five state qualifiers in the event out of the Gibson City Sectional.
“It's great. This year, I worked even harder because I wanted to make my senior year memorable," Muller said. "To get (to state) in all four (events) is pretty awesome. It's a great feeling. I'm pretty speechless.”
When Muller visits Charleston for the IHSA Class 1A state meet preliminaries, he will be making his third appearance at the state meet.
As a sophomore, Muller placed fifth in the long jump and was part of a 4x400 relay team that finished ninth.
“That was pretty sweet, too, to just experience it," Muller said. "Now I know what it's like, and I'm going to go for more. It'll be fun. I'll keep working hard these next seven days, stay healthy and eat well.”
Muller said he hopes to win more medals in all four of his events.
“If I can't, (I hope to) just beat a personal record," Muller said. "That'd be the big goal.”
Muller is heading to lineman school for a 15-week program to become an electrical lineman after his high school graduation.
“Hopefully, it goes well," Muller said. “I'm going to give it all I've got (at state) because it's going to be the last one and hope for the best.”
Garrett Bachtold, along with Riley Cuppernell and T.J. Jones, helped Muller qualify for state in the 4x200 relay. 
Bachtold also will make his second state appearance in the pole vault, where he finished first in Thursday's sectional meet with a height of 13-2.
“I'm happy about it," the junior Bachtold said. "The conditions were a little rough, but I'm really excited about going (to state). I'm glad I qualified at 13-2, but I would still like to go higher. That's the goal. I'd like to just try to set a personal record. Beating 14-6 is the goal.”
Along with Muller, Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley's Caleb Bleich was another one of the five state qualifiers in the long jump as he finsihed fourth with a leap of 21-5 1/2 -- a mark that he said fell beneath his expectations.
“I just had an off day," Bleich said. "I still got it, though.”
In the triple jump, Bleich finished fourth among four state qualifiers with a leap of 41-7.
“I felt pretty good," Bleich said. "I know I can get further.”
Bleich said he was prouder of his performance in the 400-meter dash, where he finished first with a time of 51.29 seconds. 
“That was my best race, so I'm looking forward to that at state,” Bleich said.
Bleich also qualified for state in the 200-meter dash with a time of 23.06 seconds, good enough for third place in the sectional.
“I'm hoping I can do well (in the 200 at state)," Bleich said.
The junior Bleich finished ninth in the long jump last year at the state meet.
“I think this year, I can get in the top six or top five in the long jump, at least," Bleich said.
Tyler Ricks qualified for state in the 800-meter run with a second-place time of 2:03.12.
“I felt pretty good," Ricks said.
The time was a personal record for Ricks.
“That's always nice," Ricks said.
The junior Ricks' appearance in the state meet will the the first of his high school career. 
“It feels nice," Ricks said. “I'm going to try to break two (minutes), hopefully. That's my main goal, so we'll see how that goes.”
As a team, PBL finished second in the 18-team meet with a score of 77 while GCMS placed sixth with a score of 40 -- and helped Bleich in more intangible ways.
“I want to thank my coaches and teammates for always pushing me," Bleich said.
In the 1,600-meter run, PBL's Kody Harrison finished third with a time of 4:52.62 while teammate Alec St. Julien placed seventh with a time of 4:57.98 and GCMS's Manuel Portal finished 19th with a time of 5:32.55.
In the shot put, PBL's Jake Rich finished third with a throw of 45-6 while teammate Zak Babcock placed sixth with a toss of 42-5 and GCMS's Ryan Shambrook and Owen Duke finished 13th and 14th, respectively, with throws of 37-3 and 37-1.
The PBL 4x800 relay team (Jordan Giese, Alec St. Julien, Nik Schnabel and Kody Harrison) finished third with a time of 8:41.13 while GCMS (Remi Astronomo, Ethan Freehill, Ashton O'Dell and Christian Rodriguez) placed eighth iwth a time of 10:32.76.
Rich finished fourth in the discus with a throw of 131 while teammate Keegan Lantz finished ninth with a toss of 114-6. Duke placed eighth with a throw of 115-8 while Shambrook finished 14th with a toss of 100-10.
In the 300-meter hurdles, GCMS's Isaiah Chatman finished fourth with a time of 44.1 seconds while PBL's Kris Hewerdine placed fifth with a time of 44.47 seconds. GCMS's Austin Spiller finished 12th with a time of 47.19 seconds and PBL's Curtis Phillps placed 16th with a time of 47.9 seconds.
PBL's Drew Diesburg finished fourth in the pole vault with a height of 7-8 while GCMS's Cullen Neal placed fifth with a leap of 7-8.
In the 110-meter hurdles, Chatman finished sixth with a time of 17.34 seconds while teammate Caleb Dunham placed 15th with a time of 22.69 seconds and Hewerdine and Phillps finished eighth and 12th, respectively, with times of 18 and 18.94 seconds.
In the triple jump, Jones finished fifth with a leap of 39-6 while Spiller placed 10th with a jump of 37-2.
PBL's 4x400 relay team (Jordan Giese, Riley Cuppernell, Cody Winter and Alec St. Julien) finished sixth with a time of 3:41.26 while GCMS (Caleb Bleich, Tyler Ricks, Ryland Holt and Lance Livingston) finisehd seventh with a time of 3:42.95.
In the 400-meter dash, GCMS's Ryland Holt finished eighth with a time of 54.61 seconds while PBL's Zac Jayne and Trevor Morse finished 22nd and 25th, respectively, with times of 1:01.01 and 1:01.58. In the 200-meter dash, Holt finished 12th with a time of 24.73 seconds.
Spiller tied for 10th in the long jump with a leap of 17-10.
In the 800-meter run, PBL's Jordan Giese finished 11th with a time of 2:15.07 while teammate Brady Barfield finished 15th with a time o 2:18.86 and GCMS's Remi Astronomo placed 27th with a time of 2:32.63.
In the 3,200-meter run, PBL's Ashton Goss and Adam McMullin finished 11th and 13th, respectively, with times of 12:26.24 and 12:54.04 while GCMS's Christian Rodriguez placed 14th with a time of 12:54.14.
In the 100-meter dash, GCMS's Ethan Kasper finished 17th with a time of 12.48 seconds while Dylan Polson placed 23rd with a time of 13.06 seconds.
The GCMS 4x200 relay team (Marcus Baillie, Ethan Kasper, Lance Livingston and Isaiah Chatman) finished eighth with a time of 1:40.92 while the Falcons' 4x100 relay team (Marcus Baillie, Isaiah Chatman, Ethan Kasper and Lance Livingston) finished 10th with a time of 47.37 seconds.
IHSA Class 1A boys
Team scores
1. Ridgeview, 104; 2. Paxton-Buckley-Loda, 77; 3. Clifton Central, 75; 4. Bloomington Central Catholic, 69; 5. Watseka, 62; 6. Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley, 40; 7. Tri-Valley, 31; 8. Kankakee McNamara, 25; 9. Dwight, 20; 10. Heyworth, 15.5; 11. LeRoy, 9; 12. St. Anne, 7; 13. Tri-Point, 6; 14. Momence, 4.5; 15. Bloomington Cornerstone Christian Academy, 4; 15. Milford, 4; 17. Beecher, 3; 18. Iroquois West, 1.
100-meter dash
1. Jonathan Muller (PBL) 11.14*; 2. Tate Walcott (RID) 11.37*; 3. Chandler Burrow (CC) 11.62; 4. Mael Kazigwa (BCC) 11.67; 5. Jason Bargy (MOM) 11.69.
GCMS results -- 17. Ethan Kasper, 12.48.
PBL results -- 23. Dylan Polson, 13.06.
200-meter dash
1. Tate Walcott (RID) 22.57*; 2. Mason Barr (RID) 22.89*; 3. Caleb Bleich (GCMS) 23.06*; 4. Keegan Zack (WAT) 23.64; 5. Jason Bargy (MOM) 23.69.
GCMS results -- 12. Ryland Holt, 24.73.
400-meter dash
1. Caleb Bleich (GCMS) 51.29*; 2. Devon Butler (HEY) 51.62*; 3. Jameson Cluber (WAT) 52.7; 4. Keegan Adamson (MCN) 53.57; 5. Timothy Harris (MCN) 53.83.
800-meter run
1. Will Dionesotes (BCC) 2:02.95*; 2. Tyler Ricks (GCMS) 2:03.12*; 3. J.C. Santos (DWI) 2:03.88; 4. Jeremiah Norris (CC) 2:08.04; 5. Zeb Pliura (LER) 2:08.2.
PBL results -- 11. Jordan Giese, 2:15.07; 15. Brady Barfield, 2:18.86.
GCMS results -- 27. Remi Astronomo, 2:32.63.
1,600-meter run
1. Will Dionesotes (BCC) 4:43.58*; 2. Isaiah Ditta (CC) 4:44.15*; 3. Kody Harrison (PBL) 4:52.62; 4. Jeremy Snejberg (CC) 4:54.71; 5. Gustavo Leah (BEE) 4:55.74.
PBL results -- 7. Alec St. Julien, 4:57.98.
GCMS results -- 19. Manuel Portal, 5:32.55.
3,200-meter run
1. Isaiah Ditta (CC) 10:15.45*; 2. Drew Guimond (TV) 10:20.91*; 3. Mari Anthony (STA) 10:43.64; 4. Dakota Gamino (WAT) 10:57.58; 5. Jerod Snejberg (CC) 11:25.75.
PBL results -- 11. Ashton Goss, 12:26.24; 13. Adam McMullin, 12:54.04.
GCMS results -- 14. Christian Rodriguez, 12:54.14.
110-meter hurdles
1. Mason Barr (RID) 14.93*; 2. Jefferson Caspary (CC) 15.88*; 3. Timothy Harris (MCN) 16.45; 4. Brad Stock (MIL) 16.71; 5. Reece Ramirez (RID) 17.16.
GCMS results -- 6. Isaiah Chatman, 17.34; 15. Caleb Dunham, 22.69.
PBL results -- 8. Kris Hewerdine, 18.0; 12. Curtis Phillips, 18.94.
300-meter hurdles
1. Mason Barr (RID) 39.53*; 2. Christian Williams (DWI) 41.72*; 3. Ben Kuntz (MCN) 43.16; 4. Isaiah Chatman (GCMS) 44.1; 5. Kris Hewerdine (PBL) 44.47.
GCMS results -- 12. Austin Spiller, 47.19; 16. Curtis Phillips, 47.9.
4x100 relay
1. PBL, 44.43*; Ridgeview, 44.48*; 3. Clifton Central, 44.55; 4. Heyworth, 45.02; 5. Watseka, 45.08.
GCMS results -- 10. Marcus Baillie, Isaiah Chatman, Ethan Kasper, Lance Livingston, 47.37.
4x200 relay
1. Ridgeview, 1:30.97*; 2. PBL (Riley Cuppernell, Jonathan Muller, T.J. Jones, Garrett Bachtold), 1:32.44*; 3. Clifton Central, 1:32.94*; 4. Bloomington Cornerstone, 1:34.91; 5. Watseka, 1:35.74.
GCMS results -- 8. Marcus Baillie, Ethan Kasper, Lance Livingston, Isaiah Chatman, 1:40.92.
4x400 relay
1. Ridgeview, 3:31.56*; 2. Bloomington Central Catholic, 3:35.62*; 3. Dwight, 3:36.54; 4. LeRoy, 3:38.17; 5. Watseka, 3:40.1.
PBL results -- 6. Jordan Giese, Riley Cuppernell, Cody Winter, Alec St. Julien, 3:41.26.
GCMS results -- 7. Caleb Bleich, Tyler Ricks, Ryland Holt, Lance Livingston, 3:42.95.
4x800 relay
1. Clifton Central, 8:37.52*; 2. Bloomington Central Catholic, 8:40.53*; 3. PBL (Jordan Giese, Alec St. Julien, Nik Schnabel, Kody Harrison), 8:41.13; 4. Tri-Valley, 8:53.75; 5. Watseka, 9:14.58.
GCMS results -- 8. Remi Astronomo, Ethan Freehill, Ashton O'Dell,Christian Rodriguez, 10:32.76.
High jump
1. Bo Bevilacqua (BCC) 6-1*; 2. Sam Mason (BCC) 5-11*; 3. Wyatt Dohe (TP) 5-9; 4. Levi Zimmerman (RID) 5-7; 5. Justin Bunting (WAT) 5-7.
Long jump
1. Tate Walcott (RID) 23-5 3/4*; 2. Jonathan Muller (PBL) 21-11 1/2*; 3. Keegan Zack (WAT) 21-6 1/4*; 4. Caleb Bleich (GCMS) 21-5 1/2*; 5. Devon Butler (HEY) 21-0 1/2*.
GCMS results -- T10. Austin Spiller, 17-10.
Triple jump
1. Keegan Zack (WAT) 44-3*; 2. Jacob Donaldson (RID) 43-3; 3. Ben Kuntz (MCN) 41-10 1/2*; 4. Caleb Bleich (GCMS) 41-7*; 5. T.J. Jones (PBL) 39-6. 
GCMS results -- 10. Austin Spiller, 37-2.
Shot put
1. Rusty Kuhlmann (WAT) 46-9*; 2. Kodie Willis (CC) 46-4*; 3. Jake Rich (PBL) 45-6; 4. Cameron Elam (TV) 44-11; 5. Jaren Means (BCC) 42-9.
PBL results -- 6. Zak Babcock, 42-5.
GCMS results -- 13. Ryan Shambrook, 37-3; 14. Owen Duke, 37-1.
1. Rusty Kuhlmann (WAT) 136-6*; 2. Jaren Means (BCC) 134-8*; 3. Alex Tongate (RID) 132-3; 4. Jake Rich (PBL) 131-0; 5. Kodie Willis (CC) 127-1.
GCMS results -- 8. Owen Duke, 115-8; 14. Ryan Shambrook, 100-10.
PBL results -- 9. Keegan Lantz, 114-6.
Pole vault
1. Garrett Bachtold (PBL) 13-2*; 2. Ryan Steiner (TV) 12-8*; 3. Camdyn McFarland (TV) 11-9; 4. Drew Diesburg (PBL) 7-8; 5. Cullen Neal (GCMS) 7-8.
* -- state qualifier


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