GCMS's Delanie Dykes wins IHSA Class 1A state medals in 400-, 800-meter races

CHARLESTON — When asked what was her favorite race, the 800-meter run or the 400-meter dash, Delanie Dykes gave a very indecisive answer.
“I love certain things about them both,” said the Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley junior of the races. “I really focused on how I run the 800 this year and that helped me become better at the 400-meter. I learned you don’t have to lead from start to finish, but you just have to be ahead when it counts.”
She is good at both too, earning all-state honors in both races at the Illinois High School Association Class 1A State Championships, which were held at Eastern Illinois University’s O’Brien Field in Charleston.
In the 800-meter run, she dashed to the finish line in 2 minutes, 18.02 seconds, which was good for third place.  Arielle Summitt, who runs for Urbana University High, won the 800-meter run in 2:11.03. Of the 12 competitors, only two were seniors. Carsen Forte, an Elgin Harvest Christian Academy freshman, took second in 2:15.23, meaning Dykes is the second returner in the event.
“Delanie works so hard during the offseason,” said Erica Kostoff, GCMS head coach. “The offseason work gives her such a strong base that we can build on. She practices as tough as she competes and that allows her to run two of the toughest races on little rest.”
Less than one hour later, the Falcon junior was back on the track for the 400-meter dash. She would add a fourth place medal to her third place medal, dashing once around the EIU Blue Oval in :58.92. Just like in the 800-meter run, she is the number two returnee. Just like in the 800, she is second to a freshman. Belleville Althoff Catholic freshman Nariah Parks finished second in :58.50. Carmen DeVries, a Lena-Winslow-Pearl City senior, won the event in :57.04.
“I was happy with both performances,” said Dykes. “They were both personal bests. I came into the 800 ranked sixth in the state and in the 400, I was able to lower my school record.”
Other than Dykes, GCMS qualified Claire Retherford, a junior discus thrower, and the 3,200-meter relay team. Neither made the finals from Thursday’s preliminary round. Retherford, who had thrown over 114 feet in the sectional, threw 94-1 in the prelims.
The 3,200-meter relay team comprised of Michaela Dykes, Abigail Sizemore, Jacey Goin and Delanie Dykes finished sixth in the second preliminary heat with a time of 10:34.39.
“Claire did not have the distances she had hoped for, but she has been consistent for us all season,” said Kostoff. “She is an amazing leader competitively and even more so in character. We know that she will work just as hard in the offseason to better her marks. We are young and deep in the 3,200-meter relay. We expect to be back next season competing for the sectional title again.”
The Paxton-Buckley-Loda Panthers qualified in five events — four individual events and one relay. However, none of the competitors made it to the finals.
Senior Olivia Frichtl was the only senior on the team and was on the 400-meter relay and qualified individually in the 300-meter low hurdles.
In her individual event, she finished the race in :49.98 and took seventh in the first heat. To advance to the finals, an athlete had to run a time of :47.79 or better. The final qualifying spot was grabbed by Olivia Lawley of Granville Putnam County.
In the relay, Frichtl joined forces with Alexis Johnson, Mackenzie Bruns and Hannah Schwarz to run a time of :57.90.
“We had six girls competing in state and that is an accomplishment,” said Alex Goudy, the head coach of the PBL Panthers. “Getting to state is a big accomplishment. We had senior seniors on this team, other than Olivia, we are losing Marissa Arnette, Emma Stocking, Katie Harms, Kalli Goudy, Diane Estrada and Ariana Gentzler. All contributed to making this a better program.”
In the pole vault, Emily Graves vaulted 9 feet, 6 inches to finish tied for 13th in the first heat. All of the vaulters vaulted 10-0 or better to make the finals.
Evie Ellis finished 11th in the 1,600-meter run in Thursday’s prelims. Ellis, who has also qualified for the state championships in cross country, finished the race in 5:49.91.
To make the finals, an athlete needed a time of 5:31.38 or better. Marguerite Hendrickson, a senior from St. Thomas More earned that spot with that time.
“With each passing year, we are building a stronger team,” said Goudy. “We are having great success by working out hard. We should have a strong team next year with the group of strong incoming freshmen.”
At Charleston
Team scores
1. St. Joseph-Ogden, 43; 2. Farmington, 36; 3. Decatur St. Teresa, 35; 4. Manilus Bureau Valley, 34; 5. St. Thomas More, 33.
GCMS results -- T20. 13.
100-meter dash
1. Seven Hicks (Peoria Heights) 12.21; 2. Jordan Peckham (Farmington) 12.28; 3. Vivica Coleman (Melrose Park Walther Christian) 12.38; 4. Rylei Jackson (Palos Heights Chicago Christian) 12.47; 5. Rebecca Waite (Milledgeville) 12.48.
200-meter dash
1. Seven Hicks (Peoria Heights) 25.5; 2. DaeLin Switzer (Decatur St. Teresa) 25.7; 3. Rebecca Waite (Milledgeville) 25.88; 4. Tori Thomas (Rock Island Alleman) 26.1; 5. Catelyn Hofmann (Aledo Mercer County) 26.13.
400-meter dash
1. Carmen DeVries (Lena-Winslow/Pearl City, 57.04; 2. Nariah Parks (Belleville Althoff Catholic) 58.5; 3. Taylor Larson (Bushnell-Prairie City) 58.76; 4. Delanie Dykes (GCMS) 58.92; 5. Maleigha Huston (Bushnell-Prairie City) 59.16.
GCMS preliminary results -- Delanie Dykes, 59.1.
800-meter run
1. Arielle Summitt (Urbana University) 2:11.03; 2. Carsen Forte (Elgin Harvest Christian Academy) 2:15.23; 3. Delanie Dykes (GCMS) 2:18.02; 4. Marguerite Hendrickson (St. Thomas More) 2:18.17; 5. Zarra Humphry (Warsaw) 2:18.22.
GCMS preliminary results -- Delanie Dykes, 2:18.32.
1,600-meter run
1. Marianne Mihas (Chicago Latin) 4:56.29; 2. Arielle Summitt (Uni High) 4:57.98; 3. Fran Hendrickson (St. Thomas More) 5:15.32; 4. Caroline Jachino (Pleasant Plains) 5:16.14; 5. Anna Heffren (Lewistown) 5:20.79.
PBL preliminary results -- Evie Ellis, 5:49.91.
3,200-meter run
1. Laura Krasa (Judah Christian) 11:29.06; 2. Caroline Jachino (Pleasant Plains) 11:30.22; 3. Nygia Pollard (Elgin Harvest Christian Academy) 11:35.92; 4. Karlie Hey (Sterling Newman Central Catholic) 11:37.12; 5. Haley Weidner (Manlius Bureau Valley) 11:38.98.
100-meter hurdles
1. Danielle Taets (Orion) 14.72; 2. Kenli Nettles (Arthur-Lovington-Atwood-Hammond) 14.91; 3. DaeLin Switzer (Decatur St. Teresa) 15.05; 4. Alayna Stalter (Fisher) 15.42; 5. Lucy Lux-Rulon (St. Thomas More) 15.45.
300-meter hurdles
1. DaeLin Switzer (Decatur St. Teresa) 44.49; 2. Kenli Nettles (Arthur-Lovington-Atwood-Hammond) 45.72; 3. Danielle Taets (Orion) 46.03; 4. Katie Moore (Bridgeport Red Hill) 46.69; 5. Katie Springer (Delavan) 46.75.
PBL preliminary results -- Olivia Frichtl, 49.98.
4x100 relay
1. Manlius Bureau Valley, 49.78; 2. St. Joseph-Ogden, 49.8; 3. Farmington, 50.2; 4. Milford, 50.39; 5. Warrensburg-Latham, 50.55.
PBL preliminary results -- Lexi Johnson, Mackenzie Bruns, Olivia Frichtl, Hannah Schwarz, 57.9.
4x200 relay
1. St. Joseph-Ogden, 1:43.89; 2. Manlius Bureau Valley, 1:45.48; 3. Warrensburg-Latham, 1:45.58; 4. Farmington, 1:45.66; 5. Ridgeview/Lexington, 1:46.48.
4x400 relay 
1. Farmington, 4:02.92; 2. St. Joseph-Ogden, 4:05.79; 3. Pana, 4:06.49; 4. Toulon Stark County, 4:07.89; 5. Tremont, 4:09.58.
4x800 relay
1. Tremont, 9:44.07; 2. Teutopolis, 9:49.12; 3. St. Joseph-Ogden, 9:51.85; 4. Mendon Unity, 9:54.89; 5. Springfield Lutheran, 9:57.43.
GCMS preliminary results -- Michaela Dykes, Abigail Sizemore, Jacey Goin, Delanie Dykes, 10:34.39. 
High jump
1. DaeLin Switzer (Decatur St. Teresa) 5-8; 2. Kenli Nettles (Arthur-Lovington-Atwood-Hammond) 5-5; 3. Kiah O'Neal (Rock Island Alleman) 5-4; 4. Natalia Garcia (Bloomington Central Catholic) 5-4; 5. Jacklyn Simms (Fairfield) 5-3.
Long jump
1. Atleigh Hamilton (St. Joseph-Ogden) 18-2; 2. Lucy Lux-Rulon (St. Thomas More) 18-0; 3. Capria Brown (Danville Schlarman) 17-10 1/2; 4. Carmen DeVries (Lena-Winslow/Pearl City) 17-9 1/2; 5. Paige Knuffman (Liberty) 17-4 1/2.
Triple jump
1. Danielle Taets (Orion) 38-0; 2. Daekota Knott (Fulton) 37-8 1/2; 3. Carmen DeVries (Lena-Winslow/Pearl City) 37-4 1/4; 4. Jaden Christian (Braidwood Reed-Custer) 37-0 1/2; 5. Kaylenn Hunt (Hume Shiloh) 35-11 1/2.
Shot put
1. Chloe Lindeman (Fulton) 47-3 3/4; 2. Emily Offenheiser (Stockton) 44-10 1/4; 3. Chandler Hayden (Pittsfield) 43-0 1/2; 4. Claire Bushur (Teutopolis) 42-10; 5. Katelyn Young (Oakwood) 40-6 3/4.
1. Emily Offenheiser (Stockton) 151-8; 2. Claire Bushur (Teutopolis) 138-5; 3. Rachyl Anderson (Salt Fork) 135-7; 4. Chloe Lindeman (Fulton) 129-11; 5. Hope Jackson (Port Byron Riverdale) 127-11.
GCMS preliminary results -- Claire Retherford, 94-1.
Pole vault
1. Windsor Roberts (Tri-Valley) 12-0; 2. Tori Thomas (Rock Island Alleman) 11-9; 3. Emma Smith (Carlinville) 11-9; 4. Whitney Bramm (Erie) 11-0; 5. Sarah Litchfield (Farmington) 10-9.
PBL preliminary results -- Emily Graves, 9-6.


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