PBL baseball ends 2018 season with loss in IHSA Class 2A regional semifinals to Olympia

BUCKLEY -- The Paxton-Buckley-Loda baseball team ended its 2018 season with a 15-9 loss in Thursday's IHSA Class 2A PBL Regional semifinal game to Stanford Olympia.
Olympia (13-16) took a 2-0 lead in the top of the first inning as Ethan Davis singled and Isaac Riegler doubled to right field before both runners crossed home plate on a Leighton Rutherford single to left field.
The Panthers (20-10) tallied a run of their own in the bottom of the first inning as Drake Schrodt, Mason Ecker and Keaton Krumwiede each walked to load the bases before Ben Jarboe drew a bases-loaded walk to send Schrodt across home plate. 
Olympia's starting pitcher, Rece Finck, then struck out Tommy Quinn to leave the bases loaded before striking out the side .
After scoring another run in the top of the second inning to extend its lead to 3-1, Olympia tallied three more runs in the top of the third.
Andrew Nichols hit an RBI single to center field before scoring a run on an error on a ground ball hit by Hunter Berges. A sacrifice fly to center field hit by Mason Marquis sent Kyle Fasse across home plate.
PBL scored a run in the bottom of the third as Ecker was hit by a pitch and Ben McClure and Keaton Krumwiede each drew a walk to load the bases with one out before Jarboe grounded out to send Ecker across home plate.
An error on an Andrew Unsicker ground ball led to Riegler crossing home plate in the top of the fourth inning to extend Olympia's lead to 7-2 before the Spartans scored six runs in the fifth inning to make the score 13-2.
Fasse and Berges each hit singles before Marquis doubled to right field to send both runners home. An error on a Rutherford ground ball resulted in two more runs crossing home plate before Unsicker sent two more runs home with a single to left field.
The Panthers scored two runs in the bottom of the fifth inning to prevent the 10-run rule.
McClure drew a one-out walk before Krumwiede tripled to center field to send him home. Krumwiede then scored on an error.
After Olympia scored two runs in the top of the seventh inning via an RBI double by Rutherford and a run-scoring single by Ayden Winterland, PBL put up a five-run bottom of the seventh inning.
Krumwiede drew a leadoff walk before Jarboe tripled on a line drive to center field to send him home. Jake Watts then sent Jarboe across home plate with a single to right field.
Keyn Humes was hit by a pitch and Schrodt singled to left field to load the bases before Ecker doubled to center field to send Watts and Humes across home plate. 
Jaxson Coplea singled to send Schrodt home, but McClure and Krumwiede each struck out to end the game.   
Jarboe allowed six runs -- four earned -- on five hits and two walks while striking out one batter through 2 1/3 innings en route to taking the loss on the mound. 
Through two innings of relief, Ecker yielded seven runs -- two earned -- on five htis and one walk. Krumwiede allowed two earned runs on four hits and no walks through 2 2/3 innings.
Olympia 15, PBL 9
OLY 213   160   2   -- 15  14  2
PBL 101   020   5   --  9    6    5
W -- Rece Finck, 5.2 IP, H, 4 ER, 11 K, 9 BB. L -- Ben Jarboe, 2.1 IP, 5 H, 6 R, 4 ER, K, BB.
Olympia (13-16) -- Caleb Miesner 1-4, RBI, R. Ethan Davis 1-5, 2 R. Isaac Riegler 2-4, 3B, 2B, 4 R. Leighton Rutherford 2-5, 2B, 5 RBIs. Alex Unsicker 2-5, 3 RBIs, R. Andrew Nichols 1-5, RBI, R. Kyle Fasse 1-2, 3 R. Ayden Winterland 1-1, RBI. Hunter Berges 1-4, R. Mason Marquis 2-2, 2 2B, 3 RBIs. Cody Gibson 2 R.
PBL (20-10) -- Drake Schrodt 1-4, 2 R. Mason Ecker 1-2, 2B, 2 RBIs, R. Jaxson Coplea 1-5, RBI. Ben McClure R, 2 BB. Keaton Krumwiede 1-2, 3B, RBI, 2 R, 3 BB. Ben Jarboe 1-3, 3B, 3 RBIs, R. Jake Watts 1-1, RBI, R. Keyn Humes R.
Batting average
Name Avg./AB
Carson Dudley .500/2
Gavin Coplea .429/7
Tommy Quinn .426/47
Ben Jarboe .398/83
Drake Schrodt .329/82
Mason Ecker .329/82
Jaxson Coplea .325/83
Jake Watts .313/16
Trey VanWinkle .300/80
Ben McClure .295/78
Keaton Krumwiede .287/94
Tanner Coe .263/19
Keyn Humes .262/65
Mitch St. Peter .250/4
Dalton Busboom .197/61
TEAM .311/811
On-base percentage
Carson Dudley .750/4
Tommy Quinn .471/52
Ben Jarboe .469/96
Jaxson Coplea .453/107
Mason Ecker .451/102
Tanner Coe .440/25
Drake Schrodt .433/98
Ben McClure .429/98
Gavin Coplea .429/7
Jake Watts .421/20
Trey VanWinkle .412/97
Keaton Krumwiede .404/114
Keyn Humes .400/85
Dalton Busboom .301/73
Mitch St. Peter .250/4
Jacob Ager .200/5
TEAM .421/991
Home runs
Name HRs
Ben Jarboe 1
Keaton Krumwiede 1
Name 3Bs
Ben McClure 3
Ben Jarboe 2
Trey VanWinkle 2
Dalton Busboom 1
Drake Schrodt 1
Gavin Coplea 1
Name 2Bs
Ben McClure 9
Ben Jarboe 8
Keaton Krumwiede 7
Keyn Humes 6
Mason Ecker 5
Dalton Busboom 3
Trey VanWinkle 2
Drake Schrodt 1
Jaxson Coplea 1
Tommy Quinn 1
Runs batted in
Name RBIs
Ben McClure 30
Ben Jarboe 24
Mason Ecker 24
Keaton Krumwiede 23
Jaxson Coplea 17
Dalton Busboom 15
Tommy Quinn 14
Drake Schrodt 12
Trey VanWinkle 10
Keyn Humes 9
Gavin Coplea 5
Jake Watts 4
Tanner Coe 3
Carson Dudley 1
Mitch St. Peter 1
TEAM 191
Runs scored
Name Rs
Keaton Krumwiede 32
Mason Ecker 28
Drake Schrodt 26
Jaxson Coplea 26
Ben Jarboe 22
Keyn Humes 22
Ben McClure 19
Trey VanWinkle 17
Dalton Busboom 12
Tommy Quinn 10
Jake Watts 8
Gavin Coplea 7
Tanner Coe 3
Connor Janssen 1
TEAM 232
Stolen bases
Name SBs
Mason Ecker 28
Drake Schrodt 17
Keaton Krumwiede 14
Jaxson Coplea 13
Keyn Humes 11
Trey VanWinkle 10
Ben McClure 5
Ben Jarboe 4
Jake Watts 4
Tommy Quinn 4
Dalton Busboom 3
Gavin Coplea 3
Tanner Coe 2
TEAM 118
Earned-run average
Carson Dudley 0.00/3
Keyn Humes 0.00/10.2
Connor Janssen 2.62/10.2
Mason Ecker 2.97/35.1
Dalton Busboom 3.23/21.2
Ben Jarboe 3.40/37
Trey VanWinkle 3.50/2
Keaton Krumwiede 3.91/34
Tommy Quinn 5.00/14
Jacob Ager 7.56/8.1
Alex Rueck 7.63/3.2
Mitch St. Peter 12.92/4.1
Joel Deatrick 16.33/3
TEAM 3.89/188.2
Pitching wins
Name W-L
Dalton Busboom 4-2
Mason Ecker 4-2
Ben Jarboe 4-3
Keyn Humes 2-0
Keaton Krumwiede 2-1
Joel Deatrick 1-0
Mitch St. Peter 1-0
Trey VanWinkle 1-0
Connor Janssen 1-1
Tommy Quinn 1-1
TEAM 21-10
Name SVs/SVOs
Ben Jarboe 1/1
Keaton Krumwiede 1/1
Keyn Humes 1/1
TEAM 3/4
Name Ks
Ben Jarboe 50
Mason Ecker 33
Keaton Krumwiede 28
Tommy Quinn 22
Keyn Humes 14
Dalton Busboom 12
Connor Janssen 11
Jacob Ager 6
Alex Rueck 4
Joel Deatrick 2
Mitch St. Peter 2
Trey VanWinkle 2
TEAM 186


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